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We Set the Mark for What to Expect in a Machine Shop


CNC Milling 3rd & 5th axis machines

We machine tolerances to 0.0005” for most parts and our CNC milling equipment has the capabilities to mill parts up to 40” in length x 30” in width x 30” in height.  With mills able to handle up to 5th axis work.

CNC lathe/turning

Can take on parts up to 12 inches.  Sub spindles machines to handle high run production runs.

Robotic centers setup for high quantity/EAU jobs

Setup to handle high run jobs at an affordable price due to these centers.  Can do both 3rd & 5th axis work cells set up already to run these projects.

Sheet Metal

Cut and bending services for projects that require this operation.

Vertical Machining

2 centers set up to take on projects which require this.


  • Anodizing

  • Bending

  • Counter Sinking

  • Deep Hole Drilling

  • Drilling

  • Etch and Chromating

  • Finishing

  • Heat Treating

  • Inspection

  • Passivating

  • Plating

  • Pressing

  • Reaming

  • Tapping

  • Threading

  • Part Tumbling/Deburring

  • Sandblasting

  • Others

Materials We Machine

Aluminum  |  Steel  |  Stainless Steel  |  Brass  |  Bronze  |  Plastic  |  Copper  |  Others
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